Bush-Obama America

Swing Counties: Places to Watch in the Future

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Bush-Obama Counties: A New Lens to View America

Voices from Bush-Obama America—Is Obama Tough Enough for Putin?

Mar, 07

Voices in Bush-Obama America: GOP Congressman on the Shutdown

by David J Dent

Walter Jones JrEarlier this week, Congressman Walter Jones Jr slipped away from the consumption of the Washington budget drama for his “friendship” calls. Jones always tries to save a piece of each week to take a pulse of …

Oct, 11

George Zimmerman, OJ Simpson, Obama’s Racial Optimism, and Bush Obama America

There is a short letter to the editor in the Orlando Sentinel in which a Florida resident was devastated and shocked by the verdict. She wrote: “…the jurors were offered two paths to follow in coming to their decision regarding …

Jul, 19

Reactions to the Trayvon Martin Verdict in Bush-Obama Counties

By Tom Barnes and Brian Berkovitz

The announcement of George Zimmerman’s acquittal sparked a wave of argument and outcry across our nation. The action at the protests in New York, Oakland, and DC dominated national media outlets the days after, …

Jul, 16

Second Term Hell: Obama’s Dante Days


by David J Dent

Every US President should visit a BlackJack table in Atlantic City sometime in the first term. It should happen just as they are in the middle of those Dreams From Your Ego, which promise bright new …

May, 16
There are now 128 Bush-Obama counties when considering the 2012 election. George Bush won those counties in 2000 and 2004 while Barack Obama carried them in 2008 and 2012. Now the battle rages in Bush-Obama America with eyes focused on 2014 and 2016 and the issues that divide those counties and the nation. They continue to be places where social, cultural, economic and political change is often tense yet constant.


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